Paul Harris Fellowship Story


Paul Harris Fellowships, named after the founder of Rotary, are a means of subscribing money to the Rotary Foundation and giving recognition to friends and family, on a personal basis, or to people who have given outstanding service to Rotary or the community, on a club basis. For a donation of US$1,000, the club can nominate a Paul Harris Fellow. More than US$15,000 has been subscribed to the Rotary Foundation for Paul Harris Fellows by the Rotary Club of Morialta for Paul Harris Fellows by the end of ten years 15 people had been made Paul Harris Fellows.

Frank Richards and Trevor Stirling were the first Rotarians from Morialta to be awarded Paul Harris Fellowships in 1986-87 for their contributions as charter Secretary and President, respectively. Nick Bianco was the first non-Rotarian (at the time) to be recognised for support of the community and Rotary. Nick sponsored the highly successful FAIM project in 1991-1992 and supported many community organisations.

In his first duty as President at changeover in 1992, President Ronz Edwin-Scott presented Paul Harris Fellowships to Kevin and Shirley Roberts. This was the first time that a husband and wife team had been presented with the award by Morialta, and it recognised the extensive contribution which Shirley had made that year behind the scenes and for Rotary as the President’s wife.

All persons awarded Paul Harris Fellowships at Morialta have worked extensively and dedicated much time to Rotary and the community.

from page 110 A Ten Year History 1984-1994