IPAC No 5 Project – Mauritius Story


In addition to the large Rotary International projects funded by the Rotary Foundation, there are many small and medium overseas projects run by individual Rotary Clubs and groupings of clubs. Rotary Australia World Community Service is a group activity of Rotary Clubs in Australia which has the component activities of FAIM, Save Water Save Lives, and IPAC.

IPAC is an acronym for International Projects Advisory Committee. This organisation investigates, validates, recommends and controls small humanitarian projects suitable for Rotary Clubs in Australia. Each year these recommendations are published in the RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) Manual. Typically 100 Australian and 15 NZ items are listed (the latter by the equivalent NZ Committee).

Through previous associations of Morialta member John Grivell, this club proposed an IPAC project to assist children from Mauritius who need surgery or treatment not available at home. The plan was to defray some of the costs of the Mauritian organisation which prepares and arranges these cases by asking Rotary Clubs to send donations from their International Committees. This project was accepted in 1992 and now appears in the current RAWCS Handbook as “IPAC number 5-93/94”.

Typically about eight patients come to Australia each year, of whom about a third come to the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Since Rotary began supporting this scheme the following cases have come to Adelaide:

  1. Summaiya Immanbaccass (4 weeks) born with external intestines, came with mother, Zaheda, operation 9 November 1992 – doing well.
  2. Yovanee Armoogum (13 months) external heart surgery 12 July 1993. Escorted by Sr Valerie Bouic, who addressed our club on 14 July 1993. In good health.
  3. Dominiqe Fidele (14 years)) came in 1994 for open heart and kidney surgery. On this trip catheterization cleared a further kidney problem – in very good health.
  4. Darshini Kristna (4 years) hole in heart, moved to Melbourne for Open Heart surgery on 14 February 1994, which was successful. Accompanied by mother Vimla.

As can be seen, this project has already resulted in giving new chances for a normal life to several young people and has the potential to help scores more as Australian Rotary Clubs support IPAC Project No. 5.

John Grivell, President 1993-94

from page 131 A Ten Year History 1984-1994