Kiosk at Thorndon Park Story


At the start of the Rotary year 1998/99 the club was faced with the normal task of “fundraising”. As with most clubs we had attempted many fundraisers such as Christmas trailer raffles, auctions, BBQ’s, dinners and Breakfast in the Park. Our members had become tired of selling raffle tickets at shopping centres etc and I believed we needed a fundraiser whereby the public came to us so that we did not have the pressure of asking the public to subscribe.

I continually scoured the local Messenger Newspaper for possible opportunities and I eventually saw an advertisement for the sale of a kiosk in the Thorndon Park Reserve. On making enquiries I found the kiosk only opened on weekends and public holidays which I thought would be ideal for our Rotary Club. I then prepared a report and proposal to the Board to purchase the business.

After some weeks of vigorous debating by the members (for and against) and with strong support from Norm O’Flaherty, Mark Courts and Rex Mead we were able to present a viable business plan to the Club.

I was given the authority to negotiate the purchase of the kiosk for an amount of between $7,000 and $9,000. The asking price was $21,000 but I finally obtained an agreement to purchase for $7,500 commencing in October 1998.

Good fortune was not on our side. One week after starting business we suffered a break-in. Stock stolen and some vandalism. One month later we suffered an arson attack and we were left with only four charred walls. Equipment and stock all lost. I obtained permission to hire a transportable hut. This was given and I refitted and restocked the “kiosk hut” and we resumed trading.

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The City of Campbelltown proceeded to rebuild the kiosk and they involved our club in the design and planning of the project. The “new kiosk” was ready in early June 1999 but we suffered another burglary and damage to the hut one week before moving.

After three break-ins and a major fire we moved into our “new kiosk” in June 1999 with greatly improved facilities and security. The new kiosk looked magnificent.

We appreciate the cooperation and assistance given to the kiosk by the City of Campbelltown. Without all their community spirit the kiosk would not operate successfully. We feel confident that the future will be highly beneficial for the Club and the community.

Summary of Events and Results

October 1998               Kiosk purchased for $7,500 (advertised price $21,000)

November 1998          Kiosk decimated by fire – replaced by transportable hut

June 1999                        After three break-ins and a major fire we moved into new kiosk

1998/1999           Net Profit $15,281 (insurance claim 60%) – rent paid $1,777

1999/2000           Net Profit $9,076 – rent paid $2,920

2000/2001           Net Profit $10,374 – rent paid $4,475 – year 2000 carnival

2001/2002           Net Profit $4,480 – rent paid $2,237 – lake drained due to safety concerns public not attending

2002/2003           Net Profit $2,566 – Nil rent paid – waived by Council – park being redeveloped

2003/2004           Net Profit $673 – Nil rent paid – waived by Council – park being redeveloped

2004/2005           Net Profit $5,810 – Nil rent paid – waived by Council – redevelopment nearing completion – public starting to return to park – multicultural festival held in Oct 04

2005/2006           Net Profit $3,856 – nil rent – waived by Council – no major events held in park

New 2 year lease negotiated commencing 1 January 2006 free of rent

2006/2007           Net Profit $7,487 – nil rent – waived by Council – public returning to park

2007/2008           Net Profit $7,708 – nil rent – waived by Council – turnover steady

2008/2009           Net Profit $11,636 – nil rent – waived by Council – improvement in buying discounts

2009/2010           Net Profit $15,432 – nil rent – waived by Council – increased public attendances plus improved selling prices

New lease approved from 1 March 2011 to 28 February 2013

2010/2011           Net Profit $17,083 – nil rent – waived by Council – public awareness and attendances continue to improve

2011/2012           Net Profit $19,194.70 – nil rent – waived by Council – park attendances continue to improve – Moonlight Markets (3) were a significant component in the improved result. Five Moonlight Markets have been programmed for 2012/2013

Accumulated Net Profit – 12.5 years – $115,225 after paying rent of $11,409

State Government to officially hand ownership of Thorndon Park to the City of Campbelltown – was anticipated in early 2006 but still has not occurred

John Ganzis, Kiosk Manager 7 July 2012