IMOG Safe Motherhood Story

Rotary Club of Morialta with support from the City of Campbelltown, service clubs and businesses in Campbelltown have donated an Ambulance to the Maliana Hospital in East Timor. The district served by this hospital had only one ambulance for 90,000 people and has minimal medical facilities.
The ambulance was used on the day of arrival to transport a seriously injured person to Dili hospital.
RC of Morialta helped to fund IMOG, a Rotary project helping the Timorese Ministry of Health to implement maternal and infant health facilities in Bobonaro District with training, medical equipment and transport so that more women can enjoy safe child birth with professional pre and post natal care.
IMOG is coordinating work by medical volunteers and Rotarians from South Australia and East Timor.
Daryl Mills from the Rotary Club of Dili was thrilled that so many clubs and businesses got together to make this possible. Fund raising by Rotary clubs for IMOG will provide ongoing support for the crew and running costs of the ambulance.
News of the Ambulance – September 2007 Daryl Mills is a member of RC of Dili and RAWCS liaison officer there. He sends the following good news about the ambulance that Morialta helped to fund.
“The Ambulance transported 50 patients last month. I have seen Antonio’s Log Book, very busy & many after hours transportations… almost 2 a day! Everyone very happy… last time I was there with Bert at the IMOG building, the Ambulance turned up with a woman from Bobonaro town who needed a caesarean. Antonio must have told the family I helped to supply the Ambulance & they abandoned the mother temporarily & rushed over to me & started kissing my hand. Very embarrassing but that woman & baby probably would have died otherwise… word has got around about the free Ambulance transport for Obstetric patients!”

“Safe motherhood” Project has been completed.

Email to: The Chairperson RAWCS Central District from IMOG Board

RE:  RAWCS Projects 30/2005-6    18/2007-8
Infancy Midwifery Obstetrics Gynaecology (IMOG)

It is with pleasure that we can announce that the “Safe motherhood” Project has been completed and the Maliana Timor Leste community has benefited.

It is estimated that   the mortality rate has been halved, the Government has taken up its medical responsibility and have now built a new hospital.  Doctors have been employed and Public Health has been lifted to a much higher level.

Our ambulance has been handed over to the Department  of Health and most of our staff are employed by the Department as well..  Our premises are now used as a library and quiet area for staff.  The 4×4 Mazda has been handed over to Darryl Mills to use as a Central project vehicle based in Dili.

We therefore ask that our project numbers 30/2005-6 & 18/2007-8 be cancelled to enable other projects to proceed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank RAWCS Central Region for your assistance in helping us to achieve this splendid result.  The project would not have achieved these results if the RAWCS Committee had not assisted. We are also indebted to DIK, RAM, SWSL and Project Volunteers.

The investment in the project has been estimated at $750,000, the Dividends immeasurable. We also acknowledge our indebtedness to the Rotary Club of Balwyn for their strong financial assistance to this Project.

June 2014 – In February this year Ian and Julie Carmen from Magill Sunrise addressed our club about the leprosy mission
they are supporting in Oecusse, East Timor. Our international committee has made a donation of $1000 to
this worthy cause from the balance of funds held for IMOG.
We have completed our IMOG project with the transfer of the Learning Center to the Bobonaro District
Hospital. Afzal is now preparing a summary of our achievements to be presented to the Ministry of Health in
East Timor. This completes our RAWCS project but keeps our options open to respond to future requests for
assistance by our friends within District Health in Bobonaro.
Peter Mayer

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