Community Workshop Story

The Community Workshop Project of the Rotary Club of Morialta is located on the corner of Maryvale and Gorge Roads, Athelstone and was officially opened on the 13 June 2009 by Club President, Adel Abdelhamid.  Honoured guests at the opening were Lindsay Simmons MP, Campbelltown City Mayor Simon Brewer, and Shelley Jones, Community Benefits SA.  President Adel commented that “what an impressive and energising project this workshop is to our Club.  In the short space of 10 months this workshop has grown from an idea to what you see before you today”.

President Adel was keen at the beginning of his Presidential year to engage the club in a local project of some significance.  The seed was planted by the then local member Lindsay Simmons and her partner Graham.  Alan Cushway, David Lloyd, Kevin Roberts and Wilf Egan were formed as a committee to progress funding and erection of the shed.  They pursued this task with great vigour, and sparked great interest and support both from many members within the club, and outside.  This project was not possible without significant assistance from many people.  The Campbelltown Council and a SA Government grant enabled the dream to come true.  Many local businesses also provided financial support.  The Campbelltown Council donated land, money, “in kind” assistance, and much valued advice essential to create this project.  We also thank Community Benefits SA for looking favourably on our application to help fund the tooling of our workshop.

The workshop is an inspiration to our Rotary Club, because it is the biggest local project in the club’s history and recognised throughout the whole of the Athelstone and Campbelltown community.  It has become a unique and valued part of the community.  This workshop provides platform for action, learning new skills, sharing experiences, and building new friendships.  It provides the traditional Men’s Shed concept to retired members of the community who no longer have the facilities to use their skills, and also a shared learning experience to those involved.

Since June 2009 the Workshop has steadily grown under the management of Wilf Egan (for 2 years) and now Kevin Jacka since 12 March 2012.  It has become a more sophisticated operation with increased facilities making it an excellent, very well managed, operation for the community.  The Workshop has steadily grown over the years with over 50 registered members, and a steady group of 25 weekly participants.  The workshop was operating from 9am to 12 noon on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.  Due to increases in numbers the project undertook an extension of 3 metres in 2016 and has increased operating times to 9am to 12 noon and 1pm to 4pm on both Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9am to 12 noon on Saturdays.

Our Rotary club has taken on a huge commitment to manage this workshop.  Our members are “doers”, and always have been.  We are dedicated to making a real difference in our community.  It is a challenge that is being met by the Club.  In his opening address President Adel warmly thanked our members involved and Mayor Simon, CEO, Paul Di Iulio, General Manager Community Services, Rob Smith, and especially the council employees who participated in the building works in the establishment of the Workshop.


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