Adelaide Festival Carparking 2017

In late September 2016 Group 7 Assistant Governor, Don Will, was approached by the Adelaide Festival Corporation to ascertain Rotary’s interest in providing traffic marshalling duties for the car park located in the Anstey Hill Quarry to be used by patrons during the performances of one of the key significant events “The Secret River” to be undertaken during the Adelaide Festival from 28 February to 19 March 2017. It was agreed that The Rotary Club of Morialta would manage the exercise. As a result a small committee was formed to further discuss and investigate the proposal including gaining the interest and assistance of at least 3 other Clubs in Group 7. When approached, The Rotary Clubs of Campbelltown, Magill Sunrise and Eastwood all agreed to participate. During October 2017 the committee met on site with The Adelaide Festival Corporation to obtain a visual understanding of the practical issues that we faced. At the conclusion of those meetings, the committee submitted a tender proposal to The Adelaide Festival Corporation which included an agreement to give a portion of the proceeds received, to the Australian Rotary Health Indigenous Health Scholarship Program. This was seen as a great publicity gesture as it tied in with the theme of the production of the early settler’s integration with the local indigenous community. In December 2016, the committee was informed that our tender had been successful. From that time on, the hard work of planning commenced including the required training and accreditation of the “Traffic Marshalls” by SAPOL, further meetings and onsite visits to the venue. On Sunday 26 February 2017, a full dress rehearsal for all participants in the event, including the Traffic Marshalls was undertaken with all Traffic Marshalls suitably attired in “Hi Viz” vests and illuminated parking wands. The first of 18 performances commenced on Tuesday 28 February 2017. At the conclusion of the 3 week event, the four Rotary Clubs involved had safely parked 3074 cars in varying, mostly very dusty, weather conditions. As a result and in accordance with the tender agreement, the amount of $19,900 was raised by the four participating Clubs. From this, $5,000 (25%of the gross proceeds) has been paid to the Indigenous Health Scholarship Program and will go directly to assisting an enrolled nurse working in the Hawker Hospital and also in the local aboriginal community to complete her Bachelor of Nursing degree over the next 2 years. The remaining $14,500 has been distributed to the four participating clubs on a pro rata basis of “Rotarian Nights” worked. This exercise has provided a great opportunity for a number of Clubs to join together in a fund raising activity and can be used as a template for future events. I would like to thank the Presidents of the Rotary Clubs of Campbelltown, Magill Sunrise and Eastwood for their cooperation with this exercise and also to the “go to “ persons from those Clubs, namely Netty Heinrich, Lindsay Davis and Don Will as well as Graeme Packer from Morialta.

Brenton Summers President, Rotary Club of Morialta