Camp Quality Fun Days Story

The Annual Camp Quality Fun Day is now almost synonymous with the Rotary Club of Morialta. Camp Quality is a non profit, all volunteer organisation for children with cancer.
From an embryo of an idea, on August 1991, was born the widely acclaimed award winning Camp Quality Fun Day, now held at the RAAF Base Edinburgh each November.
It was a decision of the Rotary Club, that we would provide a Christmas Party involving not only the children who had cancer, but their whole families. All too often the other members of the family are forgotten in an attempt to make the quality of life for these kids a little better, and brothers and sisters are often more traumatized than they are themselves.
In conjunction with the Royal Australian Air Force and the Cadets of the Air Training Corps, coordinated and orchestrated by the Rotary Club of Morialta, an exciting program was put together. So as not to distinguish between those that had cancer and those that did not, all Camp Quality kids were kitted out in “jungle greens” for the day.
The whole day was jam-packed with exciting activities which included a display by the RAAF Police dogs, close inspection of aircraft on the base, drill and static displays by the cadets of the Air Training Corps, model making activity, lunch at the Sergeants’ mess, action with Physical Training Instructors on the Confidence Course, and of course a visit by Father Christmas and the giving of presents to all the children under 15 years, both from Camp Quality and Rotary families.
More than 320 people participated, with 90% of Rotary members and their families involved. However the day could not have occurred with the generosity of our sponsors. These included Nick Bianco who provided all the presents, Greyhound Australia additional transport, Tony Piro cakes and sweets, Schweppes and Pepsi 7Up drinks, O’Flaherty and Donnelly more drinks, Tip Top Bakeries bread rolls for the lunch time meal, Hungry Jacks vouchers, Wendy Macdonald model aircraft for the kids and the RAAF for almost everything else.
The second such Fun Day in 1992 was even better than the first with new activities which included, action with the RAAF Fire Section and a visit to the Aircraft Control Tower.
Because of the success of the first Fun Day we had no shortage of volunteers. More than 420 helped which included quite a number of permanent Air Force members giving their services willingly. However the disturbing fact of this year was the doubling of the number of children from Camp Quality with cancer.
With the support of our sponsors again, we achieved everything with very little cost and along the way we won the Ivor Lewis Trophy for publicity.
The same was achieved again in 1993 – EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE, with some new sponsors and revised programming, which included a magnificent flying display by Aerobatic flying ace, Chris Sperou and Father Christmas, arriving by Helicopter instead of on a fire engine, was declared the highlight by the kids.
The level of cooperation between Camp Quality, the RAAF, Air Training Corps and the Rotary Club of Morialta is to be commended and all that is left to do now is to do it better in 1994 and beyond.

Ross Hodges
Youth Director 1992 – 1994
Page 115 A Ten Year History 1984 – 1994