Rotary Recipe Book Story

“What’s Cooking Around Rotary” was an authentic Cook Book with contributions from DG John Hardy, eleven past DG’s all fifty-two Presidents from the Rotary Clubs in District 9520, Past Presidents of Morialta, Youth Exchange student, Club members and Rotary personalities in District 9520.
The idea of a recipe book as a fundraiser was conceived as a means of getting the ladies of the club involved in a project and strengthening fellowship.
A Project Manager Group was formed consisting of President Kevin and Shirley Roberts, Alan Eagle, Trevor Stirling, Robert Brookes and Norm O’Flaherty. Working Parties were established as follows:
• Collation of Recipes – Joyce Cox, Jolie Driver, Edna Eagle, Diana Edwin-Scott, Glenys Heinrich, Wendy Hodges, Peggy Jaggard, Sandra Krieg, Jayne Nicholas, Lorraine O’Flaherty, Jeanette Piro, Michelle Raimondo, Jenny Riggall, Shirley Roberts, Alison Rosser, Rita Stirling and Alison Sturgel.
• Advertising/Supervision and Contracting of Production – Alan Eagle, Kevin Roberts
• Sales, marketing and Distribution Planning – Trevor Stirling, Norm O’Flaherty, Ross Hodges, and Robert Brookes.
• In the initial planning stages, it was budgeted to make a profit of $2500, and work started on that basis.
During Rotary meetings, the ladies met at each other’s homes and began the collection and collation of recipes. President Kevin hassled the other Presidents, PDG’s and Past Presidents until they had all made a contribution. After all the recipes had been collected, the ladies again collated and edited them. Club spirit and fellowship increased when Rotarians met after normal meetings at the house of whoever was hosting the ladies “Recipe Book Working Party”. Glenys Heinrich did the preliminary typing of the book. Advertising was sold for $2200. The club was indebted to Campbelltown Rotarian Reg Neale, the proprietor of Paradise Motors, who paid handsomely for the back cover, and Chris Baker, proprietor of three McDonald’s Restaurant outlets. Peter Browne from Broken Hill Rotary Club and his mate Pro Hart kindly designed the cover, and provided cartoon sketches which enhanced the book. The manuscript was then sent off for typesetting and printing. It was then returned in a collated and unbound form.
The return of the book heralded the opportunity for more fellowship, as groups of Rotarians and ladies met in Alan and Edna Eagle’s shed to spiral bind two thousand copies of the book. Finally, on 30 November 1991 “What’s Cooking Around Rotary” hit the streets. The publication was sold by individual members, in shops across the counter, door to door and marketed wholesale for other groups to sell and benefit from. They were taken by overseas Rotarians and Exchange students and have since found their way around the International world of Rotary. The ladies personally presented a copy at the District Convention to Mary-Jean, wife of Past World President Ed Cadman.
The following profits and benefits accrued to Morialta and other groups:
1991-1992 $6,350
1992-1993 $2,410
Intellectually Disabled $1,000
Rotary Clubs in District 9520 $1,840
Total Benefit $11,600

From Page 121 A Ten Year History 1984 – 1994