Group Study Exchange Story

Group Study Exchange is an educational activity of the Rotary Foundation which provides for small teams of outstanding young business and professional people to exchange six week visits between matched Rotary Districts in different countries. They are hosted by Rotarians and Rotary Clubs and observe the institutions, business practices, ways of life and customs of their hosts.
The first GSE Team hosted by the Rotary Club of Morialta was from the Gifu and Mie Prefectures, District 263, Japan. This occurred in March 1987 and the very pleasant Japanese members still correspond with some members of our club. We remember, amongst other things, our visit to Cleland with chauffeur Peter Kelly and Yoshi’s “box-on” with a large kangaroo.
In April 1991 we hosted five young men from Nellore, Central India, under the leadership of Rotarian GBK Reddy. A night walk at Warrawong and some fun tennis at Tony Pocock’s were among the highlights.
Our first experience of a mixed team came in October 1993, when Nino Gaetano led three men and one lady from Milan area of northern Italy (D2050) – the first GSE from Italy. Highlights included a relacing evening at the Pocock’s and a very well attended Intercity Meeting with Campbelltown, St Peters, Norwood and Burnside Clubs.
The Italian speaking members of our club and their families were especially helpful to the visitors who were nearing the end of the exchange and tiring. It was relaxing for them to be able to converse in Italian.
We have also supported the Campbelltown Club for other visits and have submitted candidates for outgoing teams for four exchanges. One of these, Mark Gare, was successful and went to rural areas of Washington State and British Columbia D5060, in April to June 1990. Mark is now a member of the Rotary Club of Eastwood.
We believe that our participation in the GSE program has widened the horizons of our members and has made the significant contributions to World Understanding and Peace.
John Grivell
President 1993-1994
From page 104 A Ten Year History 1984-1994