Road Safety Education 2016

2016 was a bad year on our roads.  Tragically, we saw an unacceptably large increase in the road toll across Australia and New Zealand.  Clearly, there is much work to be done in this area. 

However, the year that was did bring us moments to celebrate:

  • Over 50,000 students attended the RYDA road safety program across Australia and New Zealand.
  • A number of our venues reached significant milestones after conducting the program over many years – Brisbane (50,000th student), Tasmania (50,000th student), Penrith (45,000th student), Bega (10th year), Newcastle (5,000th student), Central Coast (20,000th student) to name a few.
  • RSE released it’s groundbreaking 4 year study into the Social and Economic Impact of the RYDA Program.
  • We welcomed two new passionate and highly qualified honorary team members – Ambassador, Peter Frazer and Advisory Council Member, Marilyn Johnson.
  • RSE continued to work closely with government and key stakeholders as one of the principal partners of Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week (read more)…