Rotary Club of Howe of Fife Scotland Story

On 20 April 2016 Rotary Club of Morialta toasted the Rotary Club of Howe of Fife, Scotland as they “visited’ our Club on their Internet Tour. Photos of the Club and the correspondence exchanged. More to come after 20 April.
RC of Howe of Fife Scotland RC of Howe of Fife Scotland 1

Copy of item sent to Herald May 2016

Rotary Club of Morialta received the following email in April 2016.
Greetings from The Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife, Scotland.
President Tim
Rotary Club of Morialta
20 Hamilton Terrace, Newton, South Australia 5074
Club Website-
Facebook –
Dear President Tim and Members of the Rotary Club of Morialta.
Our Club has for some while now been undertaking a World Tour… on the internet!!….making contact with Rotary Clubs “en route”.
You can follow where we have been in more detail at-
The Map can be scrolled & enlarged as you wish.

We thought way back in 2003 that the idea of a Club World Tour would be a suitable way to celebrate the lead up to Rotary’s 2005 Centenary Year. It would also act as a substitute for the rather limited real international contact that the club enjoys. Rotarian visitors to Scotland are often drawn to the more convenient and bigger clubs of nearby Edinburgh or St Andrews rather than our small rural club
We have followed a semi-realistic travel itinerary; Firstly visiting eastern Canada and USA; then after a circular tour of South America we returned to the western states of USA and Canada before we continued on through Western Russia, Japan, China and SE Asia.
We “arrived” in Australia via Darwin and enjoyed exchanging information with some Rotary clubs along the east coast of the continent before crossing the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. The visits have always been fascinating, giving us an insight into how Rotary operates in these countries and into the country themselves. The more we travel, the more we realise how alike we all are.
We have invariably received a warm and interested welcome from all the clubs, language barriers have been surmounted and we have learned a great deal on our travels.
You will see below a full list of the places we have visited and notice from the dates that we have had a lengthy “stay” in the very south of the South Island, New Zealand- appropriately almost exactly half way round the globe from us here in Scotland.
One advantage of a virtual tour is that we haven’t run up any accommodation costs in the interim and we have now picked up where we left off and headed back to Australia via Tasmania where we have recently enjoyed our time with the South Launceston club.
We will now see if we can slowly make our way home, dropping in on new continents and countries. Again we are in no hurry and since we have been on the go since late 2003 it’s clear that we have taken to heart the philosophy of one of our well-known Scot’s writers, Robert Louis Stevenson- “to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive”.
I do hope you don’t mind us making this “indirect visit” to you: I know our meetings are always the brighter from having guests amongst us and I hope this unusual visit will have a similar effect at “Morialta”.
We are a relatively young club, founded in 1990, now with 34 members, located in a farming area of the County of Fife”, an hours drive north of Edinburgh and close to St Andrews – “The Home of Golf”.  More information about the club and its activities can be found at our Club Website & Facebook page.
These can be found at-

I’ve had a very brief visit to your own website. It’s clear that you are very active in your own community and in the wider sphere. You also seem to enjoy yourselves at the same time which is good to see.
We intend toasting the health of the Rotary Club of Morialta at our club meeting on the evening of Tuesday 26th April. Before this date I will have circulated our members with details of your club website and what contact I have received: we will then spend some time “studying” your activities. We generally have a good, lively discussion on the evening of the toast, on all aspects of the club we are visiting. Usually some other wider & related topics also come up!
I will be delighted to report that we have made contact so please do reply and let me know if there is any particular additional information or comments about your club and your area that you would like to share with us.
Hopefully someday our clubs may make more “real contact” but in the meantime we extend a very warm welcome to any of your members who may in future visit Scotland and we would be pleased, if we can, to assist them in their travels.
However for the moment and on behalf of my President Roger Guy, and colleagues at the Howe of Fife we wish you and your club our very best wishes.
Yours in Rotary,
James Storrar
International “Tour Secretary”.

“Tour History”
1) 14/10/03 Waterford, Co Waterford, Eire                                                
2) 11/11/03 Charlottetown Royalty, Prince Edward Island, Canada
3) 09/12/03 Essex, Vermont, USA                                                                     
4) 13/01/04 Ithaca, New York,  USA                   
5) 10/02/04 Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, USA
6) 09/03/04 Amarillo, Texas, USA                                                                     
7) 13/04/04 Cancun, Mexico                                                                             
8) 18/05/04 Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
9) 22/06/04 Itabuna Sul, Bahia, Brazil                            
10) 27/07/04 Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina                            
11) 26/10/04 San Vincente, Santa Fe, Argentina
12) 30/11/04 Temuco Frontera.Temuco,Chile.
13) 25/01/05 Tingo Maria, Huanuco, Peru                                               
14) 01/03/05 Quito Sur, Ecuador                                                                      
15) 03/05/05 Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
16) 12/07/05 Reno Sunrise, Nevada, USA
17) 16/08/05   Scott Valley, Fort Jones, California, USA       
18) 07/02/06 McMinnville, Oregon, USA
19) 11/04/06  Boise, Idaho, USA                                                                       
20) 12/09/06 Missoula Sunrise, Missoula, Montana, USA   
21) 17/10/06 Minot, North Dakota, USA                                                    
22) 27/02/07 Steveston, British Columbia, Canada
23) 24/04/07 Juneau, Juneau, Alaska, USA                                                 
24) 24/07/07 Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada                             
25) 27/11/07 Homer Katchemak Bay, Alaska, USA               
26) 28/03/08 Vladivostok Central, Primorskii Krai, Russia                
27) 14/08/08 Myazaki-Kita, Myazaki City, Kyussu, Japan                 
28) 18/11/08 Beijing, China                                                                               
29) 17/02/09 Honk Kong South                                                                         
30) 08/09/09 Singapore                                                                                     
31) 15/12/09 Darwin Sunrise, Northern Territory, Australia            
32) 23/02/10 Bundaberg East, Queensland Australia          
33) 29/06/10 Maleny, Queensland, Australia
34) 07/10/10 Wellington South, New Zealand
35) 05/10/12 Invercargill, South Island, New  Zealand
36) 09/02/16 Launceston South, Tasmania, Australia

President Tim Mee responded to the Rotary Club of Howe of Fife as follows – April 2016
To President Roger Guy cc to Morialta Board members, COG Editor and Web Site Admin
And James Storrar, International Tour Secretary”
Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife, Scotland.
Dear President Roger and Tour Secretary James.
Greeting from the Rotary Club of Morialta, Adelaide, Australia
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Morialta (Adelaide, Australia) greetings to you and your members.
We were delighted to receive your email, James, explaining your world tour (virtual tour) and are happy to make contact with you and participate.
We note that you have viewed our website and facebook, this will provide an overview of our club and our activities.
It is my intention to follow up this initial email with some addition information later this week about our club members and our current work in Rotary. You should have already received an email acknowledging your email from our Newsletter (COG) Editor Katarina Spudic and a post from our facebook page.
It is noted that your club intends to Toast our club on Tuesday 26 April at your club meeting.
I would like to propose that we will do the same at our Morialta meeting on Wednesday evening 20 April,
We will take some photos and email them to you, for your meeting on 26 April.
We will also put the photos on our Web Site and facebook page, so your members will be able to view them on the net.
Your email to us and your web site information will be discussed at our meeting tonight in preparation for our Toast to you on 20 April.
As indicated earlier, I will follow up this email later in the week with further information on our club’s current activities and to confirm the arrangements for 20 April and 26 April.
We look forward to further communication with you.
Please respond to my direct email address as well as our club address
Could I also have the direct email address of President Roger Guy
Yours in Rotary, Tim Mee

More correspondence from President Tim to Rotary Club of Howe of Fife – April 2016
Dear President Roger
and James Storrar       –  Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife

Greetings again from the RC Morialta.
We completed our Toast of Friendship and Goodwill to you Roger and your members last Wednesday 20 April as planned. Hope you enjoy the photos attached , which are a record of our new association with your club.
You will notice some members of Morialta have an affiliation with Scotland, one member wearing traditional attire and another playing bagpipes. (“Scotland the Brave”)
We really enjoyed the eventing and have a greater awareness of your club and members via your web site and the photos you provided to us on email.
This certainly does endorse the international spirit of Rotary.
Good luck and best wishes for your meeting on the 26 April.
We look forward to hearing about it.
Yours in Rotary
Tim  Mee

More from Rotary Club of Howe of Fife Scotland – May 2016
Dear President Tim,
I have attached a couple of photos taken at our meeting on Tuesday where we celebrated our association with your club and wished you, your colleagues and the Morialta Club all the very best for the future.
I have to admit that I had to miss what was I gather a very cheery evening, made brighter due to the warm and welcoming interest you had show in us over the proceeding weeks. My work in the lambing field I’m afraid took priority, but I have been briefed of events.
Meetings we find are always more animated when we have visitors amongst us and your “presence” on Tuesday evening had I understand a very similar effect.
Our speaker for the evening Mary Watson also joined in the spirit of the evening and sent her best regards. She is the fund raiser, coordinator for two very successful and efficient Scottish Charities, one international-  “Mary’s Meals” and one local “The Children’s Hospice Association for Scotland”.”
Mary’s Meals is a very fine example of how a simple idea, very economically managed, can have a huge impact in the developing world. I think Mary was quite keen that her message be broadcast to a wider audience.
There was quite a bit of discussion about your membership category. Friend of Rotary. This was a new idea to us and we think it would be a useful avenue to explore. Our membership is drawn from numerous small villages within the Howe of Fife area and we are always surprised at the wealth of young talent that there is within these communities, yet this remains largely hidden to Rotary. We are planning an internet based recruitment campaign shortly aimed directly at these young individuals and your “Friend of Rotary” idea I suspect will be included.
I shall write with a fuller report when I have heard all the chat from the evening, but I believe that President Roger has been in touch
For the moment can I say what a pleasure it has been corresponding with yourself and the club. Your friendship has reinvigorated us all!
Yours in Rotary,
The photos-
-An early evening club gathering outside our meeting place – The Pitlessie Village Inn.
A glorious spring evening though the photograph gives very little hint of the chill in the air or the fact that we awoke the next morning to a dusting of snow on the local hills.

Our speaker Mary Watson “Mary’s Meals”

Response from Pres Tim – May 2016
Many thanks for your emails and photos last week
We were delighted to receive the news of your “special” meeting and Toast to RC Morialta on the 26 April
We have really appreciated the contact, information and friendship your club has shown to RC Morialta members.
Have noted your comments, James.
Meetings we find are always more animated when we have visitors amongst us and your “presence” on Tuesday evening had I understand a very similar effect.
Rotary has so many facets and benefits.  Affiliations with other clubs in the district and internationally can only strengthen our pursuit of “Service Above Self”   It is interesting to learn how another club across the world operate and the services/projects undertaken in the local community.
Regarding the Friends of Rotary, this is beneficial to expand the number of volunteers needed for some community service project and events
We also run a Community Workshop – or Men’s Shed.  Woodworking skills.
Any member of the public can join the workshop. Sessions are held three times a week.
It has been a pleasure communicating with Roger and yourself James, and to members of the Rotary Club of the Howe of Fife.
We will from time to time forward an update to you on our activities/events.  This will, we hope, maintain a link between our two clubs in the future.
Best Regards  Tim  Mee